Adding carbs without gaining weight: yes, it’s possible!

About 8 months ago I decided to go low carb. I was pretty strict with myself. Bread and pasta were not part of my diet anymore, and I drastically decreased … Continue Reading →

beef liver

Nothing beats beef liver

Beef liver. Big chance it is not on your plate too often. It probably was on your granny’s menu regularly.  Unfortunately liver has gotten a bad rap. True, not everybody … Continue Reading →


The lurking danger of salt restriction

Overall, medical students receive less than 20 contact hours of nutrition instruction during their medical school careers. It partially explains why bad dietary advice from doctors is so common. In … Continue Reading →

hunter female

The road to ancestral health #1: diet

I can’t deny it: civilization comes with many comforts. And yet, it separates us from who we were long ago: hunters and gatherers living in the middle of nature. In … Continue Reading →

Bacon and eggs

Why not to go low fat: #1

Modern zoos employ nutritionists who carefully prepare meals that suit the dietary needs of the different animals. Monkeys, elephants, sharks, rhino’s and lions: they all get foods that provide them … Continue Reading →


A healthy Dutch tradition for die hards

If you’ve ever walked the streets of my home country, The Netherlands, there is a likely chance you saw people holding a raw fish by its slippery tail, and taking … Continue Reading →