Why bacteria are vital to our health

Vitality and health are not words most people associate with bacteria. Yet, our gut contains more than 100 trillion bacteria; in fact our body contains 10 times more bacteria than … Continue Reading →

hunter female

The road to ancestral health #1: diet

I can’t deny it: civilization comes with many comforts. And yet, it separates us from who we were long ago: hunters and gatherers living in the middle of nature. In … Continue Reading →

Bacon and eggs

Why not to go low fat: #1

Modern zoos employ nutritionists who carefully prepare meals that suit the dietary needs of the different animals. Monkeys, elephants, sharks, rhino’s and lions: they all get foods that provide them … Continue Reading →


Restocking your bathroom may save your life.

To most of you it probably doesn’t come as a surprise: the food industry giants put anything in your food, as long as it makes them money. It’s empowering to … Continue Reading →


A healthy diet: follow science or the caveman?

Malnutrition and a sedentary lifestyle lay at the root of many modern diseases. Conventional medicine usually responds by offering a quick fix, and doesn’t address underlying causes. Many patients end … Continue Reading →


How to grow your brain. Literally!

Feeling a little forgetful lately? Cannot find your keys again? Instead of accepting your ‘mental decline’, there are several fairly simple things you can do to literally increase your brain … Continue Reading →